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Support TOCCUSA Directly via Payment or Donation

Would you like to donate or submit payment directly to TOCCUSA?

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Support TOCCUSA While Shopping At

TOCCUSA is a registered charity at

The Amazon affiliate program, called Amazon Associates, allows TOCCUSA to earn 4% or more on purchases made by using the special link on the TOCCUSA website.

When you want to shop at, please enter the Amazon site through the TOCCUSA website.

Please note at the very bottom of the TOCCUSA homepage, you will see the following link:

Support TOCCUSA With iGive

iGive began in 1997 and through word of mouth has grown to 350,000+ members supporting 50,000+ causes/charities who have raised over $7,000,000.

Shopping via iGive is essentially a store rebate program where iGive members have the opportunity to donate their rebate to their chosen cause. iGive receives compensation beyond the posted donation amounts, and many stores pay to advertise on the iGive site. iGive manages with a streamlined overhead, and use of the best in automated systems to provide members and causes with this free service.

iGive members have donated $7,531,624.58 to their favorite causes.
In 2014 they have already raised $360,701.02. allows you to support any charity or worthy cause with a percentage of your online shopping. It's totally free for you and your charity. Over 250 of your favorite online stores are featured in the Mall, where up to 25% of each purchase goes directly to your favorite cause. You can support ANY cause, including new causes that you can add to our list of over 15,000. Change your everyday online shopping into philanthropy at

iGive iGive

TOCCUSA is now a registered Charity with iGive.

You Shop. TOCCUSA Gets Money. For Free.
Please go to to find out how to join!

iGive Button

This tiny addition to your browser automatically tells stores that you want your shopping to support your favorite cause or charity.

• Positive Confirmation - Feel good knowing that you're helping by seeing "iGive On" at participating sites.
• You - The iGive Button never forgets you want to help. You can expect to raise over $30 each year for TOCCUSA.
• It Adds Up Quickly

iGive is a free service to causes and members.

• iGive really is as simple as it sounds.
• iGive members can generate donations by shopping at any of our 1,400+ Stores.
• There are no costs, obligations, nor any hidden fees.

Ways to Use iGive:

• Starting at the or sites.
• Installing the iGive Button
• Installing the iGive/iPad App (visit the App Store and search "iGive" - free)
• Using links in the iGive Newsletters
• Search the Web via

After using an iGive link to the store's website, you shop as you normally would. There are no extra steps, nor iGive notifications when making payments. The donations happen behind the scenes, and often the store's support teams are unaware of the iGive Affiliate Program.

NOTE: Use only Deals & Coupons. The use of a non-iGive coupon will void the cause donation. We have direct feeds from the stores providing you with all the latest offers and savings. All other known exceptions are posted on the stores' detail page.

When you successfully link to an iGive store, a record of it is posted with your Store Visits.

• If you see your store visit there, then tracking is working, and each transaction you make will be reported for a donation to your cause! (you may need to refresh the page.)

After being reported to us, a record of your transactions can be reviewed under Stats.

Create your own list of favorite stores under My Stores.

Known Technical Conflicts:

• NOTE: iGive and our stores use cookies to track and report donations for your cause. If you use the “Do not track” function built into your browser, or employ cookie blocking software, then iGive will not work properly.
• The use of the protection software "Ad Block" and "Ghostery" will prevent iGive from working properly.
• Firefox Users on MAC - will not work with Norton Identity Toolbar

Please go to to find out how to join!